We see the hope and potential in every young person

The Core


CORE Schedule for 2014-2015

630-8:30pm! Need to complete registration form and $40

Parent info sheet- Print for schedule

2014-15 CORE Permission form

The CORE Parent Schedule 2014-15

Registration form to come to Core plus $40 fee.

The CORE is for all grade 7-8 students in North Middlesex & area.

Our motto is – CORE Relationships, CORE Truth and HardCORE Fun”

Nurturing the whole person physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually encourages good things to happen.  We believe in the unlimited potential of youth, thereby facilitating their growth toward:  A living faith with God, self worth, a sense of purpose, respect for others, integrity and a willingness to serve

The CORE is made possible with the help of high school student leadership and adult volunteers.  Begins at 6:30 pm on Thursday (twice a month) and we are done by 8:30 pm, unless otherwise stated. 

There is a registration fee of $40.00cash or cheque payable to YFC/Youth Unlimited and a form that needs to be filled out and returned ASAP.

For more information please contact:

Earl & Judy Hochachka @ 519-294-6326; earl.h@yfcnorthmiddlesex.com

Leah Vanderlaan @ 519-671-3419; leah.v@yfcnorthmiddlesex.com



    1. Oct. 23rd – “HARVEST HOEDOWN” @ 26292 Bear Creek Rd. Just past Nairn Mennonite Church. (Seegers farm on the left). If you need a ride please call the numbers above!
    1. Nov. 6th   – “MOVIE MADNESS” @ NMDHS
    2. Nov. 27th – “MALL HUNT”  @ NMDHS also pick up at Nairn   Leave NM at 6 pm IN A BUS to Masonville and Return by 9:15 pm
    1. Dec. 11th – “UTUBE/CORETUBE” @ NMDHS 
    2. Dec. 18th – “FESTIVE FEAST” @ Grace Bible Chapel


    1. Jan. 15th – “BACKWARDS NIGHT” @ NMDHS
    2. Jan. 29th – “SNOW STORM” @ Bender’s Farm (6:30-8:15 pm)  11247 Maple Rd. off Petty Street @ the corner of Shady Pines Camp Ground
    1. Feb. 12th – “BATTLE OF THE SEXES” @ NMDHS
    2. Feb. 26th – “GYM BLAST” @ NMDHS (Gr. 6 are invited to join us tonight)
    3. Mar. 5th  – “GAME OF FAME” @ NMDHS
    4. Apr. 2nd  –  “HIStory” @ NMDHS (come dressed in the 1900’s)
    5. Apr. 16th – “SERVE IT UP” @ NMDHS *Ending at 9 pm
    1. Apr. 30th –  “FINALE-AMAZING RACE” @ NMDHS

Sponsored by North Middlesex YFC/Youth Unlimited

North Middlesex YFC/Youth Unlimited – is a division of  Southwestern Ontario Youth for Christ,

Ph: 519-537-5219