We see the hope and potential in every young person

Meet The Staff

Earl Hochachka: earl.h@yfcnorthmiddlesex.com

I grew up on a farm in Alberta and graduated from North American Baptist College and Briercrest Bible College before moving to Ontario to work with Youth For Christ. I felt God’s calling on my life into ministry at a summer camp while I served as a volunteer with youth in Edmonton.

I thank God for my parents and the family I was blessed with. I now enjoy my own family of 4 children and the great memories God has blessed Judy and me with.  I also enjoy the outdoors, playing sports, coaching and just hanging out with friends.

My relationship with God is vital to every other relationship I have been blessed with. This desire to build relationships and serve people continues to keep me ministering to young people after 25 years with YFC.


High School Student Leaders for the CORE.
The CORE is for grade 7-8 students and meets biweekly at North Middlesex High School on Thursday nights. Please contact us for more information